Thursday, July 14, 2016

Atrocious Abnormality "Formed in Disgust" 2016 Comatose Music

Atrocious Abnormality have returned after most of a decade to bring us their second album, which is in every possible way an improvement on their previous material. I remember being very bored by their first record (so much so that I almost didn't listen to this) but I was not bored during this one. This is brutal death metal of very high quality, played in the style that Comatose Records is known for signing, complete with harmonic squeals from the guitars, relentless blasts, and the rest of the trappings commonplace in the genre. There are no pig squeals, thankfully, just very deep gutturals (which are extremely impressive, as someone who is familiar with how these sounds are made by the human throat), blasting drums that are set to automatic fire, and rhythmic guitar work that rounds out the sound with excellent tone. The bass, when audible, is very busy, and there's a ton of talent across the range of instruments. This material is on the level with bands like Gorgasm, Fleshgrind, or other masters of this style, and that's a huge compliment coming from me, since I am extremely selective when it comes to brutal death metal. So much of it is so similar that when a band sticks out I take notice. This isn't a nuclear bomb that will upset the brutal death metal ecosystem, but it's definitely a sledgehammer to the face that proves this style can still be done with class and conviction.