Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Casket Robbery "Evolution of Evil" 2016 Mortal Music

When I decide on albums to pull off the pile to review, they have to be remarkable in some way. Most of what I've reviewed of late has been remarkable in very good ways, and some releases have been absolutely amazing. The new offering from Casket Robbery, however, is not. This is over-produced and under-brutal death metal that leans heavily on its production values to complement the songwriting (which is actually decent). I wasn't going to review it initially, thinking it just one more average release in the sea of modern death metal albums. However, when an album touts its brutality as much as this one did, and then doesn't deliver the nuclear face lift I was hoping to receive, I have to say something. The record just sort of plods along, and even though there are definitely some songwriting chops on offer here, I find the ultra-modern slick production offensive to my ears. There's even those awful dub-step style digital skips in one song (like you'd hear before a bass drop - lots of deathcore bands do this). I can't deal with that stuff. Maybe I just don't understand the artistic vision here, but it seems as if the band is simply chasing how the current big bands in the scene sound, because I've definitely heard this stuff before.