Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Vomit Stain "Human Collection in the Theater of Carnage" 2015 Self-released

I discovered Vomit Stain through Mike of VHS, who made me hip to their existence, and fortunately I snagged the last physical copy of the CD! Unless they've pressed more, that is. I was immediately impressed by them, because although they bill themselves as "gore thrash," to me they sound a little like early Floridian death metal, without some of the more intense speed of that scene. The only problem I had with the recording is that perhaps the vocals are mixed too high. They tend to overpower things, which is ok in some cases, but here I think the guitars need to dictate the sound. Other than that, I thought the vocal performance excelled both in power and understandability. The singer has very good diction for death metal vocals, and having done my fair share of them, I know how hard that is to accomplish. Stylistically it's a decent mix of strong highs and powerful lows. The rest of the band is also quite capable and they've turned out a tight performance, but with a nice human quality to it. It's not the over-triggered and heavily-edited glossy crap that mainstream "death metal" likes to feed to us. No, this is thoroughly underground stuff, and I love it. The songs are well-written, and there are plenty of hooks and memorable riffs, with solid drum work. I look forward to more from this band, and to watch them grow. Fans of Razorback bands should take note, because there are some similarities to members of that roster (and this is a great thing!) in Vomit Stain's music and the horror-fueled nature of the subject matter. This is worth the effort to find, and a simple trip to Bandcamp is all that is necessary.