Friday, February 26, 2016

Punching Moses "Humanity Pandemic" 2015 Seeing Red Records

The Cleveland metal and hardcore scene is always belching forth amazing bands, and I never miss my chance to hear a new release from any band from the area. When I received this promo, I was elated, since I had heard this band's work previously on the split 7" they did with Schnauzer. I got more of exactly what I expected - blown-out, high-energy, metal-fueled hardcore punk. This EP is short but sweet, and amidst the Discharge-esque beats and a few Motorhead-inspired riffs you will find blast beats and thrash. The hype sheet that came along with this describes their sound as "gutter thrash," and I dare say that is a very adequate description. This is highly recommended if you enjoy the bigger hardcore bands that Cleveland has produced like Integrity or Ringworm. It isn't necessarily comparable to either band, but the same spirit is there, the genre-bending who-cares attitude that takes all the collective influences of each band member and churns it through a loud-ass blender, achieving a cohesive whole. I've never caught this band live, but I'm willing to bet they're a real audience-wrecker. Track this down and pick it up!

Punching Moses