Friday, February 19, 2016

Bloodstrike "In Death We Rot" 2015 Redefining Darkness Records

When I saw the cover to this record, I knew I had to listen to it. Once in a while, I definitely judge a book by its cover, and in this case, I was very pleasantly rewarded. What looked like a killer old school death metal record turned out to be exactly that. This is heavy and mid-paced for the most part, and they are masters of the pay-off riff. What I mean by the "pay-off riff" is this - think about those moments on your favorite Grave record when the riff becomes simple and crushing and paced just correctly to wreck your neck for a week. This album is packed full of those! This is chunky, heavy, bulldozer death metal that will remind the listener of early Grave, mid-period Bolt Thrower, and Asphyx. There is not a single throwaway track here, and the cover of "Soulless" by Grave at the end of the record is very welcome. They nailed it. This is a real gem, and it will be getting heavy rotation from me. I hope I get the chance to check them out live sometime, but alas, they are from Denver and I spend my time in Ohio and Michigan. Perhaps they'll play out here sometime, though. A bonus: I was surprised to note that Rhiannon Wisniewski was in this band on bass duties. She played in the Cleveland-area band Somnus, and for those of you that remember, Somnus was one of the best melodic black metal bands around. I caught them live years ago at a live show with the mighty Spawn of Satan, Soulless, and NunSlaughter in Parma, OH. It was great to hear another record she played on, because I've often wondered what happened to the different members of that band (with the exception of Steve Rolf since I knew he landed in Blood Coven, where he is a welcome addition).