Thursday, January 7, 2016

Triumvir Foul "Triumvir Foul" 2016 Blood Harvest Records

Pure, real, ancient death metal. It doesn't get much better than this. I had heard the name of Triumvir Foul thrown around a bit online, but nothing really prepared me for the sheer amazing that came out of the speakers! This is death metal with depth, breadth, and face-smashing heaviness. They achieve audio violence not through relentless blasting, or simplistic slam riffs, or abrasive tones. No, they do it the old-fashioned way, the way we have always wanted this music of ours to be played, with songs and musicianship and thought. It's quite dark, as dark or darker than old Incantation or Dead Congregation and bands of that style. However, I was surprised at one of the other comparisons I drew - Catalepsy (CA), the one from the old Heralds of Oblivion compilation CD. This is not a bad thing. That comp is one of my all time favorites and I love every band on it (especially Demolition!!!). Catalepsy was a solid band. I'm not sure if it's guitar tones or writing or what, but that's the one band that came to mind. The comparison is only fleeting, though, because what Triumvir Foul do is much more dynamic. I love that this is well-recorded but not over-produced, as well. It's a very human recording - clear and well done, but with just the right amount of fuzz and dirt to keep my interest. I am grateful to have heard this, as I believe it will be considered at least a minor classic in the years to come. I have been made a fan.

Triumvir Foul