Thursday, December 10, 2015

Carrion "The Rising... Demonic Hunger" 2015 Storm Surge Records

My mailbox occasionally gives me something better than medical bills I can't pay, and yesterday it did just that. A package of promos from Toledo, OH label Storm Surge Records showed up, with three albums, two of which I have a special interest in since the bands are from Ohio. The first I chose to check out was the Carrion CD, which, as it turns out, is rather a sort of comeback record as well as a re-recording of their old material from the mid-90s. The recording was finished in 2012 according to the liner notes, but this is just now seeing release. I'm happy it finally did, since this is one OH band with which I wasn't familiar. Musically they remind me of a lot of mid-90s Midwest death metal, but they also remind me of Australian acts Encabulos and Crucifire, as well as the Georgia band Vastion (and if you were active in the death metal underground in the late '90s, you likely know this one, because they were everywhere). It occasionally reminds me of 1990s Swedish death metal and perhaps Cleveland's Decrepit. It's heavy, brutal, and old school, but with a focus on songs rather than ridiculous amounts of notes, which means it is death metal performed properly. Carrion is perhaps one of the best kept secret gems of the Ohio death metal scene, and believe it or not I had wondered before if any bands had come from there other than Gutted and Descendent! It's not a lengthy record, but since it is largely presenting old re-recorded material, there is no sense in it being any longer than it is. In all, I was quite pleased, and I'll be listening to this on a regular basis in my personal rotation. It's worth your time and money if you love the old sounds of the US underground. This is killer stuff.

Carrion - from their Encyclopedia Metallum page