Friday, November 6, 2015

VHS "Hi-Fi Horror (Uncut Edition)" 2015 Self-released

Every once in a while, when reviewing records, and I've done it since the early 2000s (2002 or 2003 if I remember right), you'll encounter an album that is just what you needed to hear. Hi-Fi Horror by VHS is that kind of album. This is death/thrash/grind with a tongue-in-cheek bent, all based on, you guessed it, old horror films best watched on videocassette. The songs range in length from 45 seconds to several minutes. Each song ends exactly where it should and the band's playing is organic - you can tell serious fans of metal and horror made this. I'm reminded a little of Hellwitch and Repulsion, and perhaps Ghoul, Engorged, and Impetigo to a lesser extent. My favorite track on the record is the second shortest, "Radioactive Rat Attack." It's a crowd-mover, a short sharp shock to the system. My second favorite track is "When Bodybag Meets Tree," which, of course, is all based upon the Friday the 13th series and named after one particular death scene where the hockey-masked killer smashes a girl he has zipped up in a sleeping bag against a tree over and over again until she's dead. It's quite brutal in the film, and very, very funny to me. I actually laughed out loud when I saw the title of the song! See, what I like about VHS is that they get the campiness of both metal and horror. Of course, you can be serious about both, but it's a lot more fun to, well, have fun. This is top notch stuff, and I cannot wait for more material from this band! They have a bright future ahead and I don't want to miss a bit of it. I hope to some day catch these Canadians live, and I'm sure it will be awesome!