Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Surgikill "Promo 2015" 2015 Self-released

There are some instantly recognizable names in death metal to those who are deeply involved in the underground, names that are synonymous with quality. This band has more than its share of notables, among them Billy Nocera (Scaremaker), Vanessa Nocera (Scaremaker, Wooden Stake), Ash Thomas (FaithXtractor, Estuary), Zdenka Prado (FaithXtractor, Estuary), and Stevo (Impetigo, Tombstones). That's nowhere close to all the notable bands to which they've contributed. What is on offer is exactly what I expect from this crew. Well-played yet still delightfully chaotic death metal done old school and correctly. The many vocalists make this all a little jumbled, but in a good way, since the chaos adds to the flavor, and I think it makes the recording wonderfully varied. The two tracks here are strong, and fairly unique-sounding. Fans of any of the bands listed above would do well to check this one out, since it's going to be right in the same wheelhouse. They have at least one split 7" coming out that I know about, which means that will be money right out of my pocket when it's released because I am going to buy everything I can that this band puts out! This demo made me a loyal fan, and I can't wait to hear what's next.