Thursday, November 5, 2015

Istengoat "Atlas Shrugged" 2015 Blood Harvest Records

This is one of the best releases I have heard this year. This heavy, dark, relentless death metal, and oddly enough reminded me of Gorguts's old material. Perhaps it was the occasional grunt from the singer that made the comparison for me. Not sure. Anyhow, Istengoat sounds enough like nothing else that I cannot come up with an easy analog for them. It's death metal with very strong playing and vocals, and the hooks abound on this record, making each song more memorable with each listen. This is a record that any fan of death metal would love, unless all you love is slam. But if you're into pure death metal, the old stuff, the good stuff, this is what you need. There is a very dark vibe to this record, which is helped along by the occasional black metal riff in the song structures. It bleeds the same darkness as bands like Incantation or Immolation. This is on my must-have list for 2015, and I plan on buying it in some format very soon.