Monday, November 30, 2015

Disillusionment "The Grand Illusion" 2015 Self-released

I finally was able to listen to the new Disillusionment demo, which consists of one lengthy track (clocking in at 10:25). It's brutal, ancient-sounding death metal from Michigan of a very high order, with black metal and progressive elements throughout, but in a very underground and organic sort of way. A lot of times adding black metal and progressive elements dilutes a band's death metal identity, but this doesn't happen to Disillusionment. They stay firmly rooted in that dark place where bands like Ignivomous, Dead Congregation, old Nile, Father Befouled, and Cemetery Urn dwell. Ignivomous and Cemetery Urn especially come to mind. Those are the three acts that the dense, dark, death metal parts of this remind me of, and fortunately there are plenty of these moments to be found in the ten minutes this song lasts. The black metal aspects of this demo are not obtrusive in any way, thankfully, and not just tossed into the mix. They're complementary to the rest of the music. A little cold melody every so often never hurt anybody, and it breaks up the monstrous and lumbering heavy parts very well. Disillusionment do not lose me in the complexity of their songs, which is a good thing, because a lot of bands that pen long longs have no business attempting it. They find levels of boredom for me that I rarely find any other way. Also, most often "progressive" means musically masturbatory with high levels of fretboard wankery. I don't have that experience with this band at all, which is refreshing. On their split EP with Entrope, and on this current demo, they consistently engage me, and when ten minutes elapses it seems like five, which is why I am certain this band has found their niche in music composition. Not many bands can make a long song seem like it's half the length. That takes craftsmanship and skill. I am looking forward to a full length, and will be watching and waiting eagerly.

Disillusionment (and beards)

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