Monday, November 23, 2015

Anticosm "Anticosm" 2015 Self-released

This album is off-topic for this site, which is centered mainly on death metal and on all metal and punk bands from MI and OH, but when a band takes time to let me know about their self-financed release and wants me to review it, I make sure to take the time to do so. I've walked in their shoes. It ain't easy. So I break from format to give a band a word or two. I'm glad I did for this one - Anticosm bills themselves as a black thrash n' roll band. I hear those things, but I also hear a real commitment to underground metal. I can tell that fans made this music, not mere musicians who are writing to fit a genre. They blend thrash and black metal seamlessly, and the rock n' roll bleeds through in the guitar solos. The sound of the record is pretty good also - a very heavy production lends this album some real bite, which doesn't happen on too many black thrash albums. Lots of crap recordings in this genre, folks, if you're not familiar. Not that it would have to be pristine - I enjoy lo-fi as much as any fan of underground metal, but sometimes the recordings of black/thrash bands are just flawed. Overall, Anticosm reminds me a little bit of Dismemberment from Ohio, but not as cold. There's more black metal in Dismemberment's sound, more heavy thrash in Anticosm's. This is a fine record to pick up if this is your style of choice. It's a side interest for me, as my first love is death metal, but I recognize quality when I hear it, and this is quality. I look forward to hearing more from these guys and I hope they keep me up to date. It's free on Bandcamp, so you, reader, have no excuse not to try it.