Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Festering "From the Grave" 2015 Caverna Abismal Records

When I saw this on my list of things to review, I was quite intrigued. The names of the band and the record scream death metal, and they don't make any attempt to hide behind a guise of being something more palatable than what it is. This is horrid, nasty, Swedish-style old school death metal, replete with guitars like chainsaws, pounding drums, and sick vocals. It really reminds me of the first Entombed record from time to time, but dirtier, and perhaps faster, a bit more like early Dismember in the speed department. Everything about this album reeks of death, and it is a complete package, right down to the cover art, which is fascinating to me. The songwriting is great, with hooks all over the place and raging thrash parts sprinkled about judiciously. Any fan of this style will do well to pick this up - this is not one of the mediocre acts performing this style that seem to infest the underground.  This is top shelf.